Dell studio 15 or acer aspire 5740g?

Hi which of these two laptops would be the best for gaming? Both seem very similar but the acer has a better graphics card and the dell has a better processor?


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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    For gaming,VGA is more important,so my vote goes for the Acer one.
    5650M is far ahead of 5470M in games
  2. Thanks i could never tell was the trade of in processing power worth it. How would an Nvidia gt330m compare. This ones slightly more expensive but it has a better processor again?

    Dell Vostro 3700:

    The xp mode in windows 7 professional would be handy too as i have some pretty old games i like playing as well.
  3. 5650M is faster than GT 330M too.
    5650M performs like a GTS 250M(even faster),and GT 330M performs like GT 240M
  4. Okay thanks do you think it would be worth paying an extra £100 or so for a studio 17 with a 5650m and a core i5 430 instead of the acer if i wanted to convert video files occasionaly? Or are the processors too similar to make a noticable difference?
  5. I think that's worthy for £100,because you get a faster CPU + a better display
  6. Thanks alot id say thats the one ill go for then :)
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