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I just bought a new laptop and they split the drive into a c and d partition which i dont want, I removed the d partition and then tryed to expand the c partition to the right but the expand is greyed out. I tryed expanding it with partition magic which also failed, anyone know why its not working or how i can perform the task?
Windows 7 home pro.
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  1. Partition magic??? I thought no one used that software anymore. Last release was in 2004 so I don't think it's even compatible with Windows 7. Use Acronis Disk Director instead, it's the best software for partition management and at least they keep it up to date.

    But I have no idea why you can't expand. Usually the partition you want to expand needs to "touch" the non-allocated empty disk space on the right, but it seems to be the case for you so I don't know why it won't let you. Maybe there's a hidden recovery partition (most laptops have that) but it's usually placed at the beginning of the disk so it shouldn't interfere.

    Anyways, Acronis Disk Director has more advanced features so you might be able to do it using this tool. If you need to delete the recovery partition (which I would do as a last resort) make sure you have a recovery CD otherwise you won't be able to reinstall your system if problems occur in the future.
  2. I'll assume you clicked on the empty space to the right of the C drive and tried to expand that, that's wrong. You've got to click on the partition you want to expand, in this case click on the C drive.
  3. No i was clicking on the c drive which i could shrink but not expand.
  4. Try using Partition Wizard Professional or Paragon Partition Manager. They are more solid tools for partitioning than the old Partition Magic. You will be asked to apply the changes and restart your computer, and the process will take place before you boot into Windows.
  5. just a heads up for any others looking, i didnt try the above alternatives however if you boot the restore partition you can select to restore to entire drive which produces the desired effect, not ideal if you havealready installed stuff but for a fresh system its not painful.
  6. as noted above its W7 home, also has been solved already I just cant select my own post as the solution.
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