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I just recently bought a new mobo and processor to replace my old Athlon 750(Pre Thoroughbred). I got a Soyo K7VME mobo and a a XP2600+(Barton) chip. I don't need a lot of speed and power as my wife mostly uses it for email and surfing, and I occasionally do some minor video editing on it.

For some reason, the processor is only running at 1150Mhz instead of 1900Mhz like it's supposed to. I went to set the jumpers on the mobo, but it doesn't have any. 0, nada, none. So I checked in cmos, and the only setting I have is the CPU frequency and a memory adjustment. These are my possible settings...

CPU Freq --> 100 - 132Mhz
Mem Freq --> CPU + {33, 66, 100}Mhz

Do any of you guru's out there have a clue what the correct settings might be?

I tried just adjusting the CPU Freq to 132Mhz, then it won't post. I've tried a couple of different combos, but when I get it wrong I have to short the cmos to get it to boot.

John Kraft

John Kraft
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  1. Check the manual for jumper settings. Are you sure your motherboard supports 166FSB? Your chip is suppose to run at 11.5x166.

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  2. Maybe a bios update's required?

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  3. Are there any jumpers on your board to switch FSB settinsg? I know you said no...but check again.

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  4. I had a similar problem with my old MB and an Athlon XP 1.7+
    Although the CPU was listed as supported, I found out after some thorough research on the net, that the MB had a known issue with that specific AXP 1.7+ TBred step B. All other CPU's were fine.. Of course, the MB company was denying what many people found out the hard way :wink:

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  5. There should be another CPU bus setting in BIOS, perhaps it's called CPU/PCI ratio or something, that gives you adjustments in big steps (100, 133, 166).

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