Dell XPS One LCD Panel Manufacturer?

Hey everyone. I have a question. Does anyone know how I can find out who made the LCP panel in the Dell XPS One [RED] A2420 computers? I absolutely adore it, and would like to purchase an external monitor for a different computer.

Dell is useless of course.

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    Presuming you don't want to open it up (which might not help anyway; I don't know whether the panel manufacturers print model numbers on the edges of the panels), if you have a manual with specifications of the resolution, response time, contrast ratio, brightness, viewing angles, and whether it uses an LED backlight, you might be able to narrow it down by comparing those with the specifications listed in TFT Central's Monitor Panel Parts Database:
  2. Thank you, that's certainly worth a try!
  3. I found it. It's one of these, slapped onto an all in one console. Thank you!

    Now to try and find a PVA monitor with 1920x1200 today. Yay! That ought to be...a piece of cake! :P
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