Changing/Overwriting file permissions EN MASSE from a former C:/ drive

Hi, I'm trying to figure out if there's a simpler/faster way to do what I find to be a very long and frustrating process.

I got a new Windows7 PC with a SSD booting from C:/, and I swapped in my former WindowsXP 1gb C: drive into my new PC, for extra storage and saving me the trouble of buying a new drive and transferring everything.
The WindowsXP former C drive was given the letter E:.

Unfortunately, all my files on E: were initially denied access to, because my current Windows7 user did not have access privileges to them (probably set only to my former PC's user).

First thing I did was go in my former "My Documents", right click Properties, click on Security, and Add/change ownership to myself and gave Full control for both my Administrators and my regular Windows7 account, and chek a box to apply this setting to all child files and subfolders. However for many many files it still gave an error "Access denied" when trying to change all of the permissions.

So I went in, and still couldn't even read (open) many files. For those, I have to:
1- right click properties
2- click Security tab
3- click Advanced
4- click Owner (Current owner field says: "Unable to display current owner")
5- Click Edit...
6- Click my username
7- Click Apply
8- Click OK on a dialog box that says that I have to re-open that object properties to change permissions since I changed the owner.
9- Click OK
10- Click OK
11- Click OK
12- Right click properties again
13- Click Security tab again
14- Click Edit
15- Click Add...
16- Enter my user name
17- Click OK
18- Check "Full control" to my new username
19- Click ok

FINALLY I can open the file.

But I have hundreds if not thousand more files like this. Can you imagine how frustrating this is?? Why can't I just overwrite ALL of those files permissions and get done with it? Is there any tool that can help me??

For the record my PC is used at home only by me and I want extremely lax user controls. In an ideal world, I could destroy everything if I wanted to and make my PC unbootable, and I'd be happy with it. But no I'm not switching to Linux.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Oh yeah, and I haven't done this yet, but once I'm done backing up my most important files on Google Drive (which isn't that easy to do when so many have restricted permissions) I plan on erasing the whole Windows and Program Files directories from the E: drive to give me extra space for storage, since I won't be booting windows or running programs from it anyway. Any risk in doing that or is that a bad approach? (I don't have another drive large enough to back up everything)
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    this should let you take ownership

    you can do as many files /folders at once as you want--may take some time to complete if its a huge amount
  3. Wow THANK YOU!!!! :bounce:

    It's taking ownership of EVERYTHING now, it'll take a long time (about 800GB worth of files) but it's also happenning sooooo fast. That's a life saver.
  4. no problem :)

    yeah the individual files are really fast

    though 800gb is a LOT of files so will take some time
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