comp freeze vpu recovery

i have a amd 64 3000+ with a k8v se deluxe mobo
my vid card is a 9600xt i have all the latest drivers for everything and have tried numerous tests for my problem here it is

when playing any game (war3, counter-strike) i get a freeze and after playing for awhile (5 min or less) and if i hit alt tab i get a vpu recovery message but i can go back into my game, when i turn off the vpu recovery message it just freezes and locks up and requires a reboot
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  1. plz help
  2. did u overclock it?
  3. If you have "overdrive" turned ON in your drivers, try to disable it, this might help! If your GPU is running too hot, it might crash.

    What's the <b><font color=green>AMD Mobile Athlon 64</font color=green></b> overclocking potential? <b>It's huge!</b>
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