Anyone else had problems with Trust products?

Hey guys, i was just wondering how many people have had problems with any product from Trust. I have had a USB hub and a wireless mouse + keyboard combo and both were awful. The mouse stopped working after a day and the battery ran out in just a few days in both the mouse and keyboard. I got them replaced and they still had terrible battery life (~2 days). Not to mention that the mouse was a bit unresponsive. The USB hub would screw up all my other USB devices and keep turning them on and off and after a few months just gave up and wouldn't power on. Lastly, i have a friend who got a Trust graphics tablet and he said that was flimsy and fell to bits within months too. I have never had and don't know anyone else who has ever had a good experience with this company, what about you guys?
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  1. I've some Trust devices ( Webcam, mouse and keybaord ) and haven no problems with them. I know that Trust has ease to contact Customer Care Dep. and I think they can sort out what the problem could be in your case. Good luck!!
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