AMD64 FX-53 Cooling issue


I've just ordered one of these CPUs but have suddenly realised that i may need to buy a heatsink and fan. I've ordered the retail version but was wondering whether a heatsink and/or fan is included with it or if i should invest a little more in a good one seperately.

Any advice?
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  1. If it's Box version(I believe it's the same with retail) it has it. If it's a tray version, you better check AMD's site for a recommended HSF.
  2. IF by "retail" you mean the boxed version, then indeed it comes with a cooler. Those coolers are rather decent as well, certainly good enough if you don't intend to do any hardcore overclocking. WHy don't you try it before ordering a new one?

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  3. Thanks for the quick replies

    I wasn't planning on overclocking it, at least just yet. Haven't really read much about overclocking so i will do a bit more research on it before ricking damaging a CPU like this. Cost me too uch for that kinda risk

    Anyway, the heatsink i was thinking of getting was the one at the top of this page
  4. What I want to know is, HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THAT THING!!!!!
  5. Some people do have money, you know! If there were 0 market for these things then they might not exist...but there is a very slight market (therefore they do exist and can be purchased).

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  6. Even if there was a 0% market we would still see them.
    Those CPU are like a showcase...But in the end some ppl(rich enough) buy them so its all good =).
    Altough I dont think I would buy one even if I was rich enough and had some money to burn. Since its not the case I cant say for sure tough hehe

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    That actually sounds eally bad hehe
  8. lmao "a friend" / wall?

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  9. Precisely why u need a shoddy comp-> it'll make ya go out:) Anyway, back to playing with the hair on my nipples...

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  10. With the price of the 3800s, the fxs dont look nearly so bad.
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