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I am going to have to buy a new mother bd. proc, and memory to go to Windows 7 from XP Pro now I find the 1 to 2 years ol software will not work with Windows 7.
Why does all the software companies I use say that only thier latest 2010 software works with Windows 7 (Corel and Intuit) for example.
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  1. It may not be that it DOESN'T work with it, it's just that they don't support anything under Windows 7 except their latest software.

    Go to the following website to see if your versions work under Windows 7. If not, it's because of how they originally programmed it that makes it incompatible with Windows 7.

    It's just the nature of things as an OS matures and grows. When XP came out, that was close to the end of 16-bit apps and some DOS apps because the underlying architecture changed to make the OS more stable and secure.
  2. That is were I found out it was not compatable.
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