Blank screen after upgrade...

I upgraded my 1150 Cpu from a 2.6 celeron to a 3.2 P4 mobile cpu.
the machine booted fine and worked fine for some time.
though after a while it shut down due to a over heat and now when i boot the screen is blank,
the fan comes on , the hard drive starts and shuts down then the fan stops.
i reinstalled the 2.6 and everything is as it was before the upgrade.
i know this 3.2 should work because through research i found that others have used a 2.8 P/N SL725 with no problems
and the 3.2 P/N SL77R both have the same specs.
I am at a loss any guidance would be great.
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  1. **up date** the laptop is a dell inspiron 1150, I am using this sys now, I thought I had cooked the cpu and ordered a new one. I installed the new cpu and I am still get the black sceen. Is there anything I can do or have I over looked some thing. need help...

    thank you in advanced...Pete
  2. If it shut down due to overheating, it could be that the excess heat in the case fried the GPU. Have you tried connecting it to an external monitor to see if that works?
  3. hello, buwish

    i am using the lap top right now writing this to and the display seems to be working
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