Any good deals on the U2410?

Same as title, Any good deals on the U2410? I have found some on eBay for around 300 plus.
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  1. I'm interested in this one also, but not sure if it's worth waiting for the newer U2412 or whatever the 1080p version is called.
  2. why the 1200 is much better than 1080
  3. Inf3rn0_44 said:
    why the 1200 is much better than 1080

    1200p eh?
  4. yeah you get more vertical viewing space, better for web browsing, gaming, working and its the most natural aspect ratio 16:10.
  5. you mean 1920x1200?
  6. well yes, I was talking about 1920 1200. Its what I use now and I would never change to 1920x1080.
  7. I think he meant the true High Def 1080p Resolution rather than the pixel count

    unless i'm missing something here.
  8. Best answer
    True High Def is less resolution then it used to be with new KEY WORDS!

    *rant* I hate HiDef. Every monitor now is 23 inches and 1080P crap. */rant*
  9. I bought a U2410 the last week, its an amazing monitor. I got REV 04 to make sure there was no problems for $350. The stand is amazing the picture is very good. It is by far the brightest monitor I have ever used. Its currently at 33 brightness and 25 contrast on sRGB preset. That looks the best without being over saturated. In games its makes me feel more immersed into action and shows new details in pictures that I never noticed. I rate it 8/10 as a monitor.
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