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i just got dungeon seige and i love it! i just entered the first town. if they make another diablo i hope it's like this. though i would advise roming around inthe forest's as you go. i found some nice stuff, including a hidden tomb that had a nice mace in it.
the only thing i don't like is when you go up a level is to distibute the points yourself, but that's a minor complaint.

also, i'd like to make note of the NEW & smaller boxes. i think they are great cause most of them are empty anyway, so why not save the space on the shelf, both at the store and where i keep them. they are also better to the environment because of less packaging. it's about time they came up with a great idea!.
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  1. I was just about to post a new thread to see if anyone has played it yet.

    Tell me more because I’m looking for a new game and the screen shots look awesome.


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  2. i played a little last night and as soon as i'm done with this post i'm going back to it until the nascar race starts. i just reched the first town and picked up 2 more charecters. i'd tried to get some more but i didn't have enought money. definatley buy a donkey as soon as you get to the 1st town and plenty of health potions, you are gonna need them.

    the game play is good. you can change the camera angle 360degrees including directly overhead. if you use the map function, you can see if there are things you forgot to pick up. can can save as often as you like and it also has an autosave function as well. your main charecter is a human with the normal shirt, skin color etc you can change but you can't change the type (like mage, fighter etc). the person is a farmer & the 1st weapon will probable be a pitchfork. you can have up to 4 weapons/spells at a time(1-4 hot key). if you use a spell and run out of mana in a fight simply hit '1' and you main weapon comes up and you start using that. i have about 6 quests so far and upon complete, up to this point, i haven't had to go back to someone for a reward. i simply get what ever i was suppossed to. ex: i guy said his basement was full of creatures, you go down, kill them, then take what's there, and that's it. spells/weapons- the more you use it the more powerful it becomes.

    if you have any more questions. simply post it and i'll do what i can.

    p.s. here is my set-up:
    athlon 1700+
    256mb pc2100
    ti200 agp card
    sb audigy
    pc works speakers
    17" nec fe700+ monitor
    40gb hd

    enjoy it
  3. Looks like I might have to pick it up. Been looking for a new Diablo like game to play.

    Have you tried any multiplayer?

    Thx & Cya

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  4. no, i don't play online games. i know a few people that do but i have as yet to make the plunge.

    update on dungeon seige. i can't reiterate 2 things enough. plenty of health potions and search every place completely.

    i'm up to level 4 (beginning of) and i also bought another donkey, boy did this come in handy.

    also, make sure you equip a bow. because even if you don't use it and it has extra abilities (life etc) as long as you equip it you get the abilities.

    good luck and have fun, i am!!
  5. I picked it up and so far I really like it.

    It reminds me of Diablo II and Baulders Gate, Or should I say what Baulders Gate should have been. So far I picked up 2 other characters and got one killed (he sucked newayz) so I left him where lay. At 1st I thought the game was going to be too easy but now things are getting challenging. My only complaint is that the game is very linear. One rout with a few short side routs and that’s about it. I hope It branches out more.

    Thx & Cya

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  6. Someone claimed that his ti500 was struggling with this game at full settings. Any comments on the graphics?

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  7. Yea, I’m using an AMD 1 gig with a Geforce 2MX (I know, I need to upgrade), I am running the game at 800x600 with the effects maxed (1024x768 didn’t look any better and the text was too small). The game runs nice and smooth for me, the FPS vary a lot form high 80s to as low as 20 but the game never seems to slow down or get choppy, If it weren’t for the little FPS counter I would never suspect it was getting into the twenties. So unless his definition of struggle is less then 100 FSP I would say he’s full of it, unless his CPU is a PII 300 or something.

    Thx & Cya

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  8. Yeup, Dungeon Siege is great:) Its like Baldur's Gate II Combat only better in a Diablo II world setting cept its 3D and much more fleshed out and realistic looking. Gameplay is plain fun, i've logged over 30 hours playing it already, 3/4 the way through the Single Player Compaign and i tried multi too, very fun. Far as character development goes, its new, its interesting, its not deep or detailed, but it works well especially considering you have up to 8 party members and its really a real time game.

    I give DS a 9.5 out of 10 stars. Just a few very minor things i'd have liked to seen more fleshed out.

    Sound 9.8 out of 10
    Gameplay 9.5 out of 10
    Graphics 9 out of 10 (this is the only one i'm a little irked on, the models are rather low detail, they should have made an option for high detail models for those of us with uber machines)
    Lasting Appeal 9 out of 10 - great with the online portion and being able to import a single player character to multi so you can keep going after your done with single player, but you will eventually get tired of it...in a few months...

    No bugs encountered yet after 30 hours.

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  9. Yea, I just noticed the smaller boxes too, I think its a good idea. I used to play a lot of D2 on Bnet so I was looking forward to this game alot, to see how much better it was than D2(in my opinion). So when you go up a lvl the points are distributed anywhere and I have no say where they go? That doesent sound good.
  10. With everything all the way up most people are maxing out at around 20-30 fps. I have an 800 with a Geforce2 Ultra and it gets about the same with everything almost all the way up. Luckily it still looks very nice and it's still playable very occaisional clicks. Happens more in single player than multiplayer (2 players on LAN), so lots of monsters dont really effect the fps, but lots of characters do.

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  11. Just a note, DS has speed issues with Geforce 4 for some reason, GSG knows about the problem and supposedly..they are working on patching it. on a 1.7 and TI 4600 i only get average 14fps...

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  12. How do you get the FPS counter to display? I wouldn't mind seeing how it's performing on my shiny new ATi Radeon 8500.


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  13. Its is in the option menu in the game.

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  14. I run 1024 and full quality on my box and I've got no problems. I have noticed the occasional pause during heavy combat but I believe that's CD or HDD access. I don't think I'd try to go much higher though. I'll turn in the FPS meter and check.

    I do know a guy with a P4-2.6, GF4 combo who wanted to try 1280 or higher because it was so fast at 1024... but 1024 is the highest the game goes.

    sys. specs:
    Soltek SL75DRV4 (Northbridge Water Cooled)
    Athlon 1700+ at 1750 mhz (12.5x140) Water Cooled
    256 Meg Mushkin DDR
    GF3 at 240/500 (Water Cooled)
    80 Gig Udma100, 80 Gig Udma133 (Water Cooled)
    Windows XP Pro
  15. This game just keeps getting better.

    I’m out of the mine and now in the snow. The combat is getting more intense and some of the visual details are very impressive. I think this game engine has a lot of potential. The mine was huge and I’m sure I missed a few areas. All they need to do is make it less linear, (choices to which dungeon and areas (like Baulders Gate) to explore) and makes the multi player like DII (server stored characters) and this game would be unstoppable. Also the map is way too small.

    I bet anyone right now Diablo III will just be DS on steroids.

    Thx & Cya

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  16. i just found out great tip. one of the things that gets me mad is going up against a boss and then having to play "protect the donkey" so i don't loose all my items.

    well i found a way around it. i just started area 6 and the bosss just at the end of 5 was giving me fits because you get walled in and they concentrate on your donkeys. to get aound this simply remove your donkey(s)(i have 2 of them) from your party outside of the bosses influence and the after defeating him add him/them back.

    also i finally added a sixth person to my party. i only have one mage and that's my main charecter.

    to the person who just entered the snow area. there is a cave of to the left of the trail with some good stuff in it, along with the abomidable smowmen.

    there is one early quest i never finished and that was the books for that guy in town. any idea where the other 2 books are?
  17. Actually, the game supports all resolutions. They just aren't all available from the in-game video options.

    Higher resolutions are activated by command prompt parameters. These parameters are explained in the readme file in the dungeon siege directory.

    For example - to run at 1280x960x32, you would type this at the command line in the dungeon siege directory:

    dungeonsiege.exe height=960 width=1280 bpp=32

    The game will toss you an error message when you load, saying that the resolution isn't supported. Just click OK.

    Game looks much better at higher resolutions, although the performance takes a pretty good hit.

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  18. well its over. i beat the game yesterday. the ending area was really good but the final boss was, i fealt, a little on the week side.

    i want to caution you on a few things in the final area. i went into a fortress and got a quest to kill a dragon, even though i had another quest i was working on. my advise is when you get this quest is to back out of the fortress and continue onto the other quest. once you beat the dragon you are pretty much on the road to the end with no chance to restock your supplies and get some new weapons unless you do some major back tracking, like about 1/2 hours worth.

    once you beat the game the end sequence i thought was very bad, there wasn't much to it.

    overall i'd give the game a 41/2 out of 5 stars. i'm going to take a few days of from it and start a new game so i can finish of a few of the quests i missed the 1st time.

    good luck and have fun.
  19. "The mine was huge and I’m sure I missed a few areas. All they need to do is make it less linear"

    Wouldn't that mean even more areas that you would miss? lol

    Personally, I just end up getting lost in games that try to be less linear. Especially in RPGs, I get pissed and frustrated if I don't know where to go and what to do. I haven't finished an RPG for this very reason since the SNES days. I think a good RPG comes from: 1.) good story 2.)good charaters and character development. If the story doesn't lead me in a specific direction with a specific purpose, I end up fighting long ass battles for and hour and forget what the hell I'm doing.
    So, do you guys think I'll like DS? Cause I have been itchin' to buy it.
  20. I bought DS last week, but since I bought it, I've had some computer problems and was only able to play for about 10 minutes...now I have to wait for my new motherboard...and its just killing me to see Dungeon Siege sitting on my desk and I can't do a *$%#@ thing about it!!!

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  21. Does anyone have troubles with trying to click on monsters or areas that are near the edge of the screen (cause the camera to rotate) or attacking monsters with a ranged weapon and having your character just running right past the spot the monster was at? I find combat with multiple objects very frustrating when you have more than one person in your party because you have to tell each person what to do everytime, over and over...

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  22. Isn't there a way to tell your other characters what to do?

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  23. For the most part my characters do what I want. Some times they won’t attack what I want and I have to click on the target several times while the game is going. But I would say this game is very bug free.

    The problem I am having is my main character is not advancing in strength as fast as I would think even thou I do 75% melee and 25% combat magic. My casters are also lagging behind. They mainly cast healing on the tanks and don’t seem to advance much form casting the healing spells and intelligence is also lagging.


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  24. i never had a healer in my party. my usual tactic is (ctrl-a) select-all and have them work on one person at a time, usually the strongest. you can set this up in the combat screen on the bottom right hand corner.

    also i found some codes if you want them. i found them on gamespot. i'll post them only if someone asks.

    make sure every charecter has a bow. i found some spots where you can shot at bad guys but they can't shoot back, mainly in the swamp or when you are above them.
  25. This game is so much fun. My spell caster refuses to go up in spell level or intelligence, but besides that I'm afraid this game will absorb my life.

    Is it worth backtracking to the first town to buy another person? I didn't have money then, but I do now and I'm getting pretty chewed up with only 3 people in my party.

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  26. The only problem with this game is that it’s so linear. I wouldn’t go back just because it’s so boring. I only let the people join who were free. I’m at 5 people and 3 mules and I think I’m almost at the end. Haven’t had any real problems (other then making time to play). Hopefully the multi player will be good because this game has no replay value.

    Thx & Cya

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  27. Yeah, I'm ready for multiplayer. I didn't go back, but I have 5 people and 3 mules and I've just entered the mines. I'm not really a big fan of a big group. Nonetheless, there are moments in this game when the graphics are really amazing for a diablo type game. The game really shows where Diablo went wrong in so many ways.

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  28. And where Diablo whent right!

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  29. No doubt. I'm not denying that :)

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  30. I think Dungeon Siege is really great! But it is lacking a few things that I think would make it even better...for example, perhaps adding some unique items like in Diablo...that is one thing that I think really made Diablo stand out...other than that, I can't complain...graphics are just awesome...although story is pretty linear...but thats ok...that way you don't get lost! hehe

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  31. how long have you been playing it? you should get some unique items in chapter 2.
  32. I did get some purple and yellow items...I'm in chapter 3 or 4 now...

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  33. Ok, if you die and then use a resurrect scroll or resurect spell, does the character lose any stats or anything?

    What is revive and how does that compare to the above?

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  34. You need to talk to every person in town again and they'll give the books to you. One is in the first watchtower.

    I missed the axe quest. I think I sold it. I also cleared the house and cellar before the guy asked and now I'm not getting credit for the quest.

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