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I reninstalled XP and did the service pack.Before that I was ablew to play some games like return to wolfenstien,I finnaly got the game loaded,I tried the auto cd and XP rebooted.I loaded the game off the demeo folder and it installed. When I tried to play the game , it loads and go to a Brown screen and you can here the music in the background not playing right but just the brown screen. I go into task manager and it says it is running so I end task. I have had several mini dumps/mini 10130201dp. while doing this. Any Idea what is going on especially with the mini dump. Ihave no Idea what a mini dump is.It seems like any game I try now I get the brown screen and it's running but nothing there. I ahve the latest drivers for my nvidia GEforce2 mx 200 34 meg card.Ihave played the game before I reloaded XP. every thing else works fine. I am running a

msi K7t266pro2 ru mobo
512 ddr
nvidia 32 meg geforce2 mx200
xphome with service pack Thanks Bruce

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  1. Are you using a pirated copy of xp. Windows service pack one has stuff which disables any versions of xp with known pirated serial numbers. So if you've got a pirate serial number the service pack my be playing around with your system. You could try getting a clean serial number and then installing SP1.
  2. NO!! I believe in doing things legal, it turns out better in the long run. However even though I said I had the latest video drivers,I went to the nvidia site and found a different version. The version did not even look close or newer than mine. I double checked then downloaded the drivers. After installing the drivers the problem went away. So the moral to the story is "If you think you have updated drivers you had better think again. I guess the minidump had to do with the video drivers even though they were working before SP1. Thanks Bruce

    Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
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