Can anyone please help me find an audio converter?

Hello my name is gabriel and i am new to this community
and i was hoping i could receive an answer
my question is,
is there a decoder/encoder box that i could buy
that would have an "rca stereo analog audio input on one side for decoding
dolby pro logic 2"
and an "s/pdif digital rca or toslink output on the
other side for encoding to dts or dolby digital 5.1 surround format"
and could you please
tell me the name of this product?

I don't have a dolby pro logic 2
matrix decoder built into my receiver
and that's why i'm asking the community
if there is a box that i could buy that would
decode it for me,
my receiver is already able to decode dts
and dolby digital 5.1 surround format
so i kind of don't want to spend more
money than i have to
on a new audio receiver
because it already decodes dts and dolby digital 5.1.
here's a link to my audio receivers specs
if that helps

thank you for your time
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  1. No such thing out there that I am aware of.
    There is not real point in taking an analog 2 channel signal converting it to digital, then decoding it into Dolby Prologic2 and then re-encoding it to Dolby Digital. Your receiver will decode Dolby Pro Logic, just not ProLogic 2 so you will just have to settle for that short of buying a new receiver
  2. Okay
    i get your point
    it's just that i want to be
    able to turn any analog audio signal into
    5.1 channel dts or 5.1 channel dolby digital.
    I checked online and
    found out that
    i could buy
    an analog to digital audio converter

    i just need help finding a
    separate converter box that will
    "decode dolby pro logic 2" audio format
    "or any 2 channel audio format"

    "and re-encode it to

    5.1 channel dts"

    "or 5.1 channel dolby digital"

    "and send the encoded audio signal to my receiver"

    I really don't want to have to
    leave my computer on to use it as a converter box
    for my receiver

    "please send me an answer
    that i could be happy with"

    Thank You
    for reading
  3. The analog to digital converter box you found converts 2 channels of analog to 2 channels of digital (now on one cable). It does nothing for surround sound. Dolby ProLogic and Prologic 2 are designed to derive the center and surround channel from 2 channel sources that are already encoded. Dolby Labs makes encoders for Dolby Digital and DTS makes encoders for that but they are for pro use and cost many thousands of dollars. I don't think your PC would do the encoding either. Cheapest solution is to find a used surround sound receiver with ProLogic2.
  4. I already knew that the analog to digital converter would convert the 2 channels of analog to 2 channels of digital,
    but i stated that i was looking for a

    "separate converter box"
    that would encode any digital 2 channel audio signal into 5.1 channel dts or dolby digital

    a box that would connect to the analog to digital audio converter box

    analog signal -> analog to digital audio converter box -> digital audio converter/encoder box -> receiver

    thanks for reading
  5. I understand that you want to take a 5.1 Prologic encoded analog 2 channel signal and convert it to a 5.1 channel discrete Dolby Digital and DTS signal digital signal. You would need a ProLogic2 decoder that would feed 5.1 channels to the 5.1 channel encoders that come from 2 different companies (Dolby Labs and DTS). Very very expensive as they are not for consumer use.
  6. I didn't say i wanted to convert the audio signal to a 5.1 channel discrete Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS digital audio signal

    I said that i wanted to convert the audio signal to a 5.1 channel discrete Dolby Digital audio signal "or" a 5.1 channel DTS digital audio signal

    mainly i would like it to convert to 5.1 Dolby Digital since it seems more plausible

    because if my computer can convert a 2 channel mp3 audio file to output 5.1
    discrete Dolby Digital using ac3filter

    then there should be a converter box that could do something similar.
    I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble
    but i just would like to be able to connect
    an analog audio source
    to my receiver and have it play through
    all five speakers and the subwoofer and be in 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio format.

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