Mic - Background Noise (with or without headphones, mic on and off)

Hi there,

I'm using Turtle Beach Earforce X12 headset with a mic, and wanted to record something on my new laptop with Audacity, but it's impossible, as there is some kind of ambient sound of some sort in the background; I can hear that the quality of the voice is good and everything, it's just that there is something in the background. The thing is, this sound appears as soon as I plug in microphone's jack (it doesn't matter if mic is on or off) - that sound appears straight away, I can hear it through my laptop's speakers if the headset is not plugged in. But then again, if my headset is plugged in and I can only hear that sound through my headphones, microphone still somehow picks it up and records it.

I've used all different settings available to me, nothing helped.

Any tips guys?!

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  1. I think you should post a recording, because we can't understand what the noise is...
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