Which drivers to download?

I want to download the drivers for the Asrock z77 Extreme4, the Intel i3-2120 and the XFX R7870 2GB but I can't figure out which to install. Here's the link I'm using or should I just use the discs that came with the products.
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    download the newest ones for each.
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  3. lol that was an easy solution. the only other thing you could have done is downloaded the older ones which wouldn't make any sense.
  4. I wasn't sure if they were just different versions or if they were for different things.
  5. Download These:

    INF driver
    ASMedia SATA3 Driver

    ASMedia USB 3.0 driver (if you have 3.0 ports)
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver (if you have Windows 7 + a SSD)
    Broadcom Lan driver (if you're gonna use LAN)
    VGA driver (if you're not using a discrete graphics card with it's own driver)

    The rest are optional. I have the realtek audio driver just for customizing audio settings. Avoid the Lucid driver... I've heard it doesn't work so great and cause issues.
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