best northwood HSF cooler?

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i need some suggestions on a new cooler for my p4 3.0 northwood. im running 50+C idle and I think thats too hot. Ive got intake and exhaust fans and the stock box intel cooler. What do you all think?

Ive been looking at the Cooler Master Aero 4, and Zalman CNPS5700D

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  1. 50C+ idle, you should reinstall the heatsink, because it sounds like you've failed to make the heatsink get proper contact with the CPU. If you're not into overclocking, then don't buy a top-end heatsink.

    To answer your post, the best P4 heatsink that's available currently is the Coolermaster Hyper6, the Thermalright SP94 comes very close, and Thermalright's release the new AX120 which will outperform the Hyper6.

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