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THGC CPU Buyers' Guide - new release

Last response: in CPUs
June 3, 2004 11:41:00 PM


Last Updated: today

Copyright © 2004 by SpaceDonkey__________________________________________________


1.0 FAG

2.0 CPUs at a glance

2.1 Applications

3.0 Picking the right CPU

3.1 CPUs to avoid

3.2 Athlon XP PR confusion

3.3 Recommended CPUs

3.4 Overclockers' picks

3.5 Few additional notes

4.0 Conclusion

1.0 FAG

Q) What does FAG mean?
A1) "A student at a British public school who is required to perform menial tasks for a student in a higher class."
A2) n. Offensive Slang, short for faggot, used as a disparaging term for a homosexual man. eg, "only faggots by P4's".

Q) Why have you decided to make this buyers' guide?
A) Cause I'm a faggot

Q) I smell "biased" opinions/recommendations to some particular brand
A) Blow your nose and the smell should dissapear.

Q) I'm a "x" brand fanboy and I hate your buyers' guide!
A) Thats okay, I hate you too Fugger.

Q) I have comments/suggestions/flames about this buyers guide, how do i bring them to your attention?
A) Just leave me alone, for crying out loud. Get a life you faggot.

2.0 CPUs at a glance

Here I will describe the CPUs that are currently being manufactured/available for purchase.

2.0.1 Athlon 64 (Clawhammer)

Known as: A64
PR Rating: way too little
Platform: Socket A-lot of pins.
Manufacturing process: 0.13µ SOI

2.0.2 Other cpu's.
It seems there are some others as well, but you wouldnt want to know anyway.

2.1 Applications

Not all faggots require same amount of CPU power. Among current high end faggots, there's no clear winner, because the FUD level of the same faggot varies depending on the thread subject. Now I will try to divide apps in few categories.

2.1.1 Office apps. & Internet

No one need these anyway.

2.1.2 Entertainment

You like that word ? I looked it up in a dictionary. Its like games, but then without the games really. Anyway, If your "entertainment" needs are limited to Audio CD/mp3/ playback, you need a discman or ipod. If you also want to play DiX/MPEG-4 video, you need a DVD player. If you do a lot of video recording, you need a VCR.

2.1.3 Gaming

Though currently gaming is more limited by homework and your mom telling you to eat your breakfast, it's still important to have a good play regulary if you don't want to lose your skills. Anyway, you want a PS2 anyway.

2.1.4 Photoshop and other graphics editing apps.

For simple image editing that every home PC user does, the slowest current CPU is enough. But if you are involved in serious editing, then you'll need a dual G5 macintosh.

2.1.5 Data Compression

I never quite understood what that does, but I guess it involves folding floppies or something. You need an old 5" floppy disk, as the newer 3.25" hard damn hard to fold.

2.1.6 Professional level Audio/Video editing & encoding

You want a pair of highend headphones to plug into your ipod, and a mixer panel from Radio Shack to mix in your voice overs. For encoding, I heard the enigma computer is pretty good, see if you can find one on ebay. Or you can build your own costing you not much more than a piece of paper and some siccors. instruction can be found <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A>

2.1.7 3D Rendering

You don't need much for rendering, but it depends what you want to render. Beer bottles for instances are pretty good at rendering computers and other electronic gear quite useless, just make sure they are not empty, cause the it requires somewhat more effort.

3.0 Picking the right CPU

Picking the right CPU is extremely simple. Pick up an A64.

3.1 CPUs to avoid

anything else.

3.3 Recommended CPUs

Athlon 64

3.4 Overclocking pricks

Fugger comes to mind, i'm sure there are many others.

4.0 Conclusion

Thanks for reading this guide and wasting your time. Your useless opinions are totally superfluous.

Edited by SpaceDonkey today.

I am severly limited in what my mind can perceive.
June 4, 2004 1:31:28 AM

This was a waste of time for me (about 5 minutes). But the real question is, how much time did you waste on this?

<b><font color=red> ATI 9600Pro </font color=red></b>
<b><font color=green> AthlonXP-M 2500+ OC'd 3200+ </font color=green></b>
<b><font color=blue> Abit NF7-S </font color=blue></b>
<b><font color=black> 2x256MB Corsair PC3200 </font color=black></b>
June 4, 2004 8:18:59 AM

was that supposed to be....funny?