Compaq F700 vs, Inspiron 1501

I bought the F700 used less than a month ago. Today the Inspiron lands in my lap. So now I have both and need to figure out which one is better to keep, including things like longevity, average failure rates and whatnot (those things I don't know.)

I'll be installing XP on whichever one I keep, because besides general use I'll be using it for old games, like 2004 and older. I'll then either restore vista or put 7 on the other one and sell it on ebay. I'll be watching auctions for both to decide on that part.

F700/F759WM - 2ish years old Dell Inspiron 1501 - more than 2 years old at least

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 TK-57 CPU: AMD Turion x2
CPU speed: 1.9 gigahertz CPU speed: 1.8 gigahertz

RAM: 2 gigs DDR2 800 RAM: 2 gigs DDR2 667

Graphics: nVidia GeForce 7000M/610M Graphics: Xpress 1150

Hard drive: 160 gig 5400RPM drive Hard drive: 120 gig 5400RPM drive

Thoughts anyone?

Edit: Same screen size 15.6 and resolution 1280x800 for both. I think the F700 has more brightness in general and definitely has more range in brightness settings.
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  1. Here's a link to laptop reliability:

    I'd stick with the Dell, as in my opinion, they are rather reliable in comparison to any HP/Compaq (they are junk). In other words, you'll get the most use out of the Dell.
  2. I've seen some stuff to that effect.

    Does anyone else have an opinion?
  3. bump, nobody has an idea about which would be better?
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