Jensen Speaker code -P8RX C6211

I have a pair of these, looks like one was from the 16th week of 1953, or 63
and the other is dated at the 42nd week of 1957, or 67. Both have a brown, cream and gold label that states' Extended range' and 'High Fidelity' . I got these at a yard sale from what looked like a copy of a large JBL cabinet.
They both are near perfect as they were in a large cabinet since they were bought in the 60s.
Are these meant for Home Stereo use only??? I guess anyone with ANY help on these would be appreciated.
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  1. Sorry, These are both 8", and look like Alnico magnets, I would say about 15 - 20 watts or so. The one from what I think is 1957 has 'ST 887' as another number stamp, both are 8 ohms
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