Asus G60jx-rbbx05 or G72gx-rbbx05 for gaming?

Hello everyone,
I've been searching for a while for laptops, and I've finally decided on one of these two.
First is the Asus G60jx-rbbx05 (the best buy model) for 900 dollars. It has an i5-430m 2.26 ghz processor, gts 360m gpu, 4gb RAM, and 1366 x 768 screen.
Second is the Asus G72gx-RBBX05 (also a best buy model), either refurbished for 800 dollars or new for 1000. It has a core 2 duo p8700 2.53 ghz processor, gtx 260m gpu, 6gb RAM, and 1600 x 900 screen.
I want to play very demanding games at very high settings (think Crysis-level intensive). Which of these will get me better fps at very high settings for Crysis?
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  1. You already made a topic about it,so lets not have 2 threads with one subject
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