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I have a Nvidia GTX 260 video card connected with a SPDIF cable from SPDIF connector on motherboard to the video card. I have SPDIF audio as default audio output in the VIA HD Audio Deck. My video card is connected from HDMI, no DVI-to-HDMI adapter since it already has a HDMI port, to receiver. Receiver is connected to monitor via HDMI as well. I see video of my pc but no sound. BUT! If I right-click the Sound icon in the taskbar and select playback devices, click the SPDIF interface and select Properties, and test DTS and Dolby Digital under Supported Formats, I hear sound! My receiver lights up DTS or Dolby Digital whichever I am playing. Under that, if I try to test the sample rates, I hear nothing. If I play music in Windows Media Player, I hear nothing. If I watch a video on a website, I hear nothing. If I turn off my receiver and let HDMI pass through it, my monitor will play sound with its built-in speakers. It plays the sound off Media player and websites, just won't play sound through my receiver's home theatre speakers unless I test the DTS or dolby digital supported formats.

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  1. "Nvidia GTX 260 video card connected with a SPDIF cable from SPDIF connector on motherboard to the video card"

    so you are connecting the computer to itself? why?


    two options:

    take the cable off and export video and audio via the hdmi output on your soundcard. this takes your soundcard out of the equasion but your receiver does the processing instead. the default sound device will show up as either hdmi, your video card or in my case my receiver gets listed. i use this method (although i need a dvi to hdmi cable).

    the other option would be to export video via the hdmi and to connect the spdif from motherboard to receiver for sound. however, since you only have an integrated soundcard i dont see why you would possibly want to do this. you might possibly have issues with setup if you go this route.
  2. I don't quite understand. My integrated audio on my pc (soundcard as you called it) has no hdmi port. My video card does. Also, if I take spdif cable out of the equation between motherboard and video card, won't that mean no audio but video only via hdmi output of video card? I have not tried spdif cable between receiver and sound card though.
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    hdmi cables support AUDIO and VIDEO.

    most video cards nowdays support audio out. by having a direct linkup a common cable is used.

    i believe the avr does all of the audio processing instead of your soundcard in this case. i use almost the exact configuration (except i have a dvi to hdmi cable) and i can attest that it works fine.
  4. I bought me a new video card. This one is a GeForce GTX 560 Ti. Maybe this one will make audio work via mini hdmi (video card interface) to hdmi cable (to receiver).
  5. A newer video card did the trick. I guess the Geforce GTX 260, paired with VIA onboard audio, did not work well with my reciever.
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