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i needed some help on choosing a laptop.for a short period ill need it for rhino3d for modeling-rendering and photoshop. after that period just for common usage(films,mail,games without very high requirements).

-budget:around 1000-1300 euro

-size:15 is ok as the 3d working will be short but would not be bad a little bigger i order to watch a film decently.if you think that a 16 or little bigger has more space between the hardware parts and that prevents hight temperature then lets go to 16+

-weight: around 3kg max 3.5

-battery life:1 hour is ok

-HHD:not less than 150..200GB

-i will keep my laptop for about 4..5 years

-brands:i would avoid fujitsu because i had warranty problems (in greece).now im using a toshiba and temperatures are realy high...

-i live in europe, greece.(i would avoid to by from site out of greece because maybe i will have problem with warranty-service. for example LG in italy does not cover an LG produt boght in greece)..i need if someone knows to explain me if theres a way to by from other countries and not to warry with being covered from the warranty..

-unfortunately buying from US might be a problem because when products arrive in our cuntry from US, europe puts some ``suprice`` taxes and others that makes it unconvenient. so im limeted to the market in greece or the european :(

-one model i was looking:

thanks a lot and my excuses for my bad english i hope you didnt :pt1cable:
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  1. That toshiba looks pretty good too me,but i think you can find laptops with i7 720QM in that price range(I don't know greece so i can't search in that site sorry)
    I recommend i7 720QM because Photoshop and rendering benefit from a quad core CPU
  2. i have also the choise of buyin in italy. i study here at the moment
    i was considering also this option with the processor you are suggesting me:

    so its better for rendering processing and heavy .PSD files a i7 720QM than Core i5 430M?

    thanks for replying :hello:
  3. That looks good too.
    And yes like i said,720M would be better than 430M in PhotoShop and rendering
  4. getting a 16..17 size intead of a 15.6 will cannge much the tempterature problem? thank you
  5. For quad cores yes,i definitely recommend you getting a 16"+ laptop if you are going to get the quad core CPU
  6. which one would you suggest from those:
    (mostly i have no idea wich graphic card is better for 3dmodeling and a little gaming)
    you are very helpfull!! thanx again
  7. that list doesn't show me any notebooks
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    All 3 are good,i would go for the Vaio one because it has the best LCD between them,not sure about cooling though,but it MAY be better for i7 720QM because its larger than the other ones.
    But if you want to play games,then go for the Acer model because 5650M is the best VGA between those.
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