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I got brand new 5.1 speakers. They are the Definitive Technology Procinema 60.6. The front speakers, center speaker, and surround speakers work, but my receiver (Pioneer VSX-522-K) can't detect my subwoofer. It doesn't even automatically turn on, there is no on/off switch on the sub. I connected a subwoofer cable from the Pre out subwoofer port of the receiver to the LFE port on subwoofer. I tried reversing the subwoofer cable, didn't work. I tried plugging in the subwoofer cable in a red and white line in level port on the subwoofer, reversed as well. The receiver is told in the configuration that a subwoofer exists but still, it's not playing any audio test tones from the receiver.

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    The sub is defective or the cable is bad.
  2. Make sure that the surround settings are set equally, I know that when I got my subwoofer for my 5.1 surround system, I had to change the settings for surround for on front speakers from large to small. Also make sure that if the subwoofer has a left and right outlet, you have to use a splitter to hook up both connections.
  3. I e-mailed Definitive Technology and a customer service technician responded quickly saying plug the sub up and listen for a 'thump' and unplug it and listen for a 'thump'. He, Thomas, also told me to run my finger across the end of the subwoofer cable while the other end is connected to sub, I suppose the LFE port, and listen for humming and/or popping. I told him I heard no 'thump' while plugging and unplugging the sub, and running my finger across the other end of the subwoofer cable, heard no humming and/or popping noise.

    I tried another rca cable and it didn't work. It was probably an unshielded cable though, one used for stereo audio (I used the White one and not the red one).

    My receiver has my speaker settings set as Front - Small, Center - Small, and Surround - Small, Subwoofer - Yes, and two other speaker settings, but it was set to No I think (I think it was the height speakers or something, it's a 5.1 receiver). I do like to comment on one thing though. The receiver, Pioneer VSX-522, set my front to Large and the others to small when I ran the auto config with the microphone. I thought that was strange because my front speakers are wired straight to the receiver, not to a sub via speaker high level inputs (spring-clip sockets).

    I will see tomorrow, hopefully, what he says the problem is. Maybe a defective sub, even though I got it brand new...shucks.
  4. He told me that the low level amp appears to have failed. I guess the sub is defective.
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