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I recently got hold of a nice new Crucial M4 SSD. Everything is fine, excpet after I installed windows 7 on it, I realised I had no sound. No biggie. I have an auzentech prelude 7.1 ( :cry: :pfff: ). It's a good soundcard if you're running XP. Sadly, after I installed the auzentech drivers for the card (which aren't updated often enough I might add), I noticed a problem. The sound that should have been coming out of the back and side speakers was coming out the front speakers instead (in both cases). What used to work in XP is now no longer working in windows 7. I'm none the wiser. I tried the realtek driver, but it loop-hangs at a driver signing issue I can't resolve (regedit, bcdedit and gpedit.msc methods all failed here).

The rather important 'trim' command for SSDs does not come with XP. What an awful choice I have to make. I'm hoping I can get the sound working as it used to. Any tips?
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  1. Sincerest apologies fellows - it seems that after I had phrased my problem in words, it occurred to me to re-install the drivers in administrator mode. I appear to have been thwarted by auzentech's rather peculiar folder structure, to the effect that I wasn't running the right program to do the job. My back speakers are working now. I'll adjust the levels and try to get the side ones going now as well.

    Now all I need is a small pre-amp to boost the levels on my side pair.
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