Getting sound through the headphones connected to my monitor

I've been having trouble with the audio on my computer for a while now, with the sound hardly working if I plug my headphones in the jack on the front of the pc itself (it does work if I jiggle it around a bit but then I have to continuously hold it like that to get sound) Then I figured I might be able to solve the problem by using an HDMI cable instead of DVI to connect my pc to the monitor so that I could just use the monitor for audio. This worked and now I have sound through the speakers in my monitor, but I also want sound through my headphones. When I try to plug them in to the monitor I still get sound through the speakers but not though the headphones. I know the headphones work and I've tried everything I can think of already.

Does anyone have a solution to this? I really want to be able to listen through my headphones
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  1. Everything you are saying here is that the plug or cable of the headphones is defective.
    Replace headphones, try different headphones.
  2. As I said in the first post I know the headphones work. When I connect them to my ipod or a different computer they work fine. I'm just looking for a way to get the headphones working through the monitor.
  3. The 3.5mm on the monitor is an audio input not an output. DVI don't carry sound so that the monitor is designed to receive sound from 3.5mm if the user decide to use DVI. You can't plug the headphone to the monitor and get sound out.

    Get another pair of headphone or replace the cable/plug on your headphone. Most likely it is broken somewhere. I know it sounds strange, but when cable broke, it will work when it is bend in one way and not in others so for example, it can totally work when it is supported and reeled clockwise but no sound what so ever when it is hanging and reeled anti clockwise.

    If the 3.5mm on the mobo is bad, then I suggest you to get a sound card.
  4. Ah, that makes sense thanks for the explanation on the monitor. I figured a green opening with a headphone symbol on the computer meant the same as a green opening with a headphone symbol on the monitor. But that was too simplistic I guess haha.

    I know the headphone works so it looks like I'll have to open the thing up and see what's wrong on the inside. There's still sound coming out through the back of the pc so I figure the sound card itself is all right. Now I'm hoping it's just a misplaced part on the front of the computer.

    I was really hoping I could fix this without opening up the pc( I have zero tech skills and 100 "afraid of breaking something" skills) but it looks like I have no other choice.

    Thank you for the info, it really helped me make sense of this.
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