Sound in media player is distorted/slow

For some reason, streaming audio comes out distorted with my Windows Media Player (the beta 9 series). Everything has a low pitch and sounds like Zeus, kinda like those female-to-male sound filters. Is anybody else experiencing this?

EDIT: Also, this does not happen all the time. Usually the audio comes out fine, but several times I've noticed distorted sound and have to revert to another player.

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  1. ive seen it happen before. go into the options in windows media player, not sure what tab, just find it. theres an option for "digital audio" or something like that, its on by default, but not all cards/built in sound support it, or you could just be having a conflict.
    hope that helps.

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  2. I had something like that before. Do you have soundblaster card? Does it come with the soundblaster custome effects? If so then somehow it might have changed and you need to turn off all effects.

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  3. Thanks for the input guys.

    Willamette_sucks, I checked under options but don't see anything about digital audio. Are you sure it's in the Beta 9 series? I do know about the digital CD audio option found under System Properties in the control panel. Is this what you're talking about?

    casiowatch, nope, I thought that was initially the problem too, but the effects for my SB Live! card are turned off. This distortion only affects streaming audio (in movies too), although not all the time.

    I have found out that I only have this problem with the Beta 9 series. If I use Netscape, it uses version 6.4 and works fine. Maybe it's just because it's betaware.
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  4. Figured it out. It was the DFX plugin causing the problem. What a pain in the butt.
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