Windows 7 custom install wireless adapter not connected


i have a desktop and bought an wireless adapter(i ball baton)and installed the drivers,every thing is working fine it also shows up the list of networks and i have an unsecured network,which is of my own and it when trying to connect it says windows was unable to connect to network.and my machine has win 7 on it
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  1. Hi

    what standard does the wireless network support, a, b, g, n ?
    (what is it set to use which is a different question)

    similarly what about the wireless card in the Windows 7 PC ?

    what type of network is set on the Windows 7 PC (Home, Business, Public) ?

    If network is setup for N only and PC does not support N you can see network but not connect

    I advise you to set security and password on network once you have the connection working unless you intend to setup a local free wireless hotspot for your neighbours


    Mike Barnes
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