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how can i connect to the internet with hp laptop windows 7
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  1. you'll be needing an ISP provider
  2. First you need an Internet service provider, If you dont have one you will have to get one first. You have two options of of what we call broadband internet connection.
    One is ADSL, the other is fiber optic cable.
    After you have this depending on what you select you will be given a modem Router.
    Where you will have the choice of how your laptop connects to it to get the internet.
    The first can be wired through what we call an ethernet port from the laptop to the router via a cable, or if the router supports wireless transmission and the laptop you are using has a wirless ethernet adapter fitted you can connect to the internet that way.
  3. You'll need Wifi/ethernet in your house as described above or go to a public place that provides Wifi. Once you're in range of a signal, this icon will appear in your Systray

    Click on the icon,select the service you want to connect to, then 'connect'

    You will then be prompted to enter a security key, often found on your Wireless Router, or provided in the Public place. Once you see this, you're ready to go...

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