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Alright, I don't know much about any audio set-ups. All I've ever done is hook-up my Dad's old RCA Receiver in 5.1 for our living room a few times, read the "Guide to Audio Basics" in this section, and spent a few hours on the internet researching a tad.

So, I have a pair of Logitech S-150 USB Speakers, but they obviously don't have much output and are a pain to adjust the volume on any OS except for Windows 8. So, I grabbed a cheap Diamondback HT-3917 Amplifier/Sub thing(?) I found laying in a closet, grabbed my dad's old RCA speakers, and a 3.5mm (male) to 2x RCA (female) splitter I had laying around to hook it up to my computer. Anyways, it sounded somewhat better than my USB speakers, but realized they're nowhere near where they were with the much better receiver (which is broken) and they were probably low-end as it was.

Anyways, I was wondering: What would probably be the best way to go for some good audio? Don't have much money to spend on an audio system and every penny I save I could be saving into other upgrades, so the cheaper the better. As for my set-up, I'm currently in a smaller room with my computer in an armoire-type desk. But, soon I should be moving my computer into a bigger room with a completely open desk that is pretty much just a frame, so I'd rather keep that in mind for the audio. For now it will probably be used mostly for my computer, for which soundcard suggestions would also be nice - from what I understand the ASUS Xonar series is good, and I've been using ASUS parts for awhile now. But, soon I'll probably be adding in a nice sized LCD/LED T.V. for my PS3 to watch Blu-Ray discs with. Oh, and I mostly like to listen to music. Anything from Beethoven to Pink Floyd to Paramore to Daft Punk to Shiny Toy Guns to ONE OK ROCK to...Wow, alot...And yes, even Dubstep. Also, who doesn't watch movies? And I also do play MMORPGs on my computer and RPGs on the PS3, but I'm just usually listening to music then anyways...

I'm not sure if these speakers are much good or not. They've always sounded decent to me, but I've never been around anything other than these and plain, old computer speakers. Here is the information on the labels (quick google search didn't reveal anything).

1x Center Speaker:
Model: SP9988
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Nominal Power: 50W
[The logo suggests it is to be placed like it is in "landscape"]

2x Main Speakers:
Model: SP9988
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Nominal Power: 50W
[The logo suggests they are to be placed like they are in "portrait"]

2x Surround Speaker:
Model: SP9988
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Nominal Power: 25W
[The logo suggests they are to placed like they are in "landscape"]
(These 5 speakers are the ones currently being used on the Durabrand Sub/Receiver-thing.)

So, if those are any good from what you can tell should I just grab a receiver, sub, and soundcard, then grab a quality pair of speakers down the line? I'd prefer upgradability over a system that is better now, but I would have to start from scratch when I'd want something better.

I hope I added enough information and that I've placed this in the right section, I've only posted on this forum a few times before and there isn't a template to follow like in the computer building section. Hopefully we can find something suitable as the best audio I've ever listened to was a pair of Skullcandy Hesh Metallica headphones - and, let me guess. There is oh so much better audio sets/headphones out there...

EDIT: Oh, figured I'd mention that both my graphics card and motherboard contain HDMI. Motherboard is a Biostar A880G+ and my graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 210 1GB. So, I believe that'd be an option instead of a soundcard. :)
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  1. In your shoes and with upgrade options galore i would go with an entry level HDMI AVR? Pick out a nice 10" active sub and you'd be set ^^
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