Help installing windows 7

I'm about to install windows 7 and i get to this problem any help please.
here is a picture:
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  1. The windows Installation canot see the hard disk drive fitted in to the computer, has the wrong interface setting in the bios.
    You need to know what type and interface the hard disk is using.
    The options are IDE: SATA: or AHCI mode.
    You can find and change the mode or interface of the type of hard disk drive to be used.
    This can be setup in the Bios of the computer, try Achi mode in teh bios section save the settings and exit see if the drive shows up in the list for windows to install.
  2. Hi

    Is this a new built PC or a old PC being upgraded ?
    If upgrade what was previous operating system ?

    Check the BIOS can see you have a hard disk
    (in case of dead hard disk or disconnected cable)

    best of luck
    Mike Barnes
  3. nvm solved my self but thanks for the help
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