Blu-ray drive no longer plays blu-ray discs

Hi guys the last couple of days i cannot get my blu-ray player to play blue ray disc's, it was working last week but not it won't. It will play regular cd' and dvd's just not the blu-ray ones.

I use total media theater 3, and it says cannot read this disc.
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  1. I had to clean my lens/emitter last time that happened on my laptop
  2. Hmm, that is quite odd have you tried using powerdvd ever? There trial comes with blu ray support. Sometimes blu ray movies come with a little extra encryption with the star wars blu rays for example it would ask me to update my player shrugs and after updating it worked just fine.
  3. well i just downloaded powerdvd and it works with that so it must be something with the total media theater 3 any one know how to fix that? i tried unistalling and reinstalling but did the same thing.
  4. I really don't know man! I love! powerdvd for video playback on the computer I feel like you get the best blu ray experience with them flat out!
    So it seems like its just a compatibility thing with your player. However, that being said I think its a good thing it was somewhat resolved.
  5. are you sure that total media theater 3 was not some kind of time limited demo?
  6. no not that i know of, i've had it since before summer. And it doesn't say demo or trial on the cd
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