Toshiba satellite Model L505-S6959 constant beeping


everyone needed help with my Toshiba laptop. My model is Salellite L505-S6959.

it's beeping constantly. I first swarp the memory but that didn't solve the problem what us can I do. Help please
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  1. How many beeps exactly? Generally the number of beeps can tell you what the specific issue is.
  2. I have the same issue. constant beep, beep never ending on boot. i can get to the repair windows by using the fn+esc key but it starts loading and goes back to the beep. can not get it to boot from the cd. history, this started about 3 weeks ago and i was able to get the system up. when i did it appeared the key board was bad so i replaced it. worked great for a week or so then boom, back to the same issue.
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