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Alright, I searched, and found nothing that answers my particular question. I have an ASRock Extreme 3 970 with onboard Realtek sound. At the moment, I currently have my computer connected to my Samsung 32" LCD tv through an HDMI cable. My question is, can I add a subwoofer to this whole mix?

I'm not sure if I can just plug it into my computer's audio out and get sound, or if I'd have to plug it into the tv instead, or anything like that. On top of that, I'm not sure where to even begin to look for subwoofers that would help with that. I'm just trying to get a little more "oomph" out of my sound (since the HDTV's speakers don't have a lot of bass), but I don't want to end up spending way too much money on something I'm not even sure will work.
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  1. Why yes, there is indeed a subwoofer output on your motherboard.
    This provides a low level audio signal, we call this a "line level" signal.
    This signal must be connected to a power amplifier to drive a speaker.
    OR a powered subwoofer. (amp and speaker in one unit)
    And so, yes there is a powered sub you can plug directly into this motherboard output. The input to the sub needs to be 3.5MM plug, OR use an adapter, to change 3.5MM into RCA.

    Knowledge: The stuff you need to know is in the AS rock tech manual.
    Download the entire manual from the manufacturer.
    Familiarize yourself with the audio in / out configurations of the hardware.
    What JACK is the sub out? It's there in the manual.

    Software: open the realtek software and look at all the settings for speaker configurations, HDMI output, etc...
    Find the settings for the surround outputs, Configure the settings to activate the subwoofer output.
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    Well "too much money" is very subjective so a ball park amount you willing to pump into this project would help heaps :P

    Long story short : avoid internal TV speakers at all costs! Even cheap, poorly built PC/Multimedia speakers are better and if u are willing to do it right and get decent SQ the 1st time i suggest dipping in the used audio hardware market and hit a used vintage/classic stereo amp and floor standers that extend low? Bookshelf + sub is also an option ^^
  3. well, I'm a college student, so max, $100-ish. That's why I didn't want to get WAY too high tech cause I know i can easily blow a couple pay checks on a system. But I'm also trying to keep this whole thing mobile since I have to go back and forth from school.

    Sorry I wasn't clear enough earlier.

    I might just pick up a 25$ 2.1 system at a local walmart by Cyber Acoustics. Subwoof with 2 speaks as far as I can tell.


    So the Cyber Acoustics speakers are the CA-3001 model, and can anyone help me decode what the hell this manual means about my sound options?
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