Free Friday - Used PF Glass - So Cal

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I have (7) used playfield glass pieces (standard size 43x21). Free to
anyone willing to pick them up near Palm Springs, CA. They are used
and have minor surface scratches, but are certainly usable.
-Gregg B
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    RE: Gregg B-
    Let me tell everybody, Gregg has got to be one of the nicest guys with
    one sweet collection of WMS system11 - WPC games. Every one of them
    had the best mods, with, let's see, one #555 bulb went out on BoP while
    playing- that's the extent of problems. Plus he gave me three of the PF
    glasses and a Pinbot plastic (which I dropped and broke - DOH!) Of
    course, I brought along the jinx and beat him on every one of his games
    - always works that way when you go to show off your collection that
    you choke, right?- but it has been almost a week since I've been able
    to post since my home email is down and I've been sick in bed for four
    days, so here's my thanks to you Gregg. If anyone has a full tank of
    gas and wants to drive to Palm Springs area, you would be hard pressed
    to find a nicer guy with a nicer collection- put it that way. I thought
    I was in the boonies in Temecula but I'm friggin' downtown compared to
    Gregg-I can drive to my trailer in Ocotillo Wells quicker than Morongo
    Valley, which BTW is a lot farther out there than Morongo Casino. But
    it was worth it-even though it fooled my Nissan factory GPS nav system.
    It said I was there when I was about a mile east of his house-that goes
    to show you how remote it is, since it's usually accurate to about 20
    feet. When I went to Louisurfer's it put me on the spot with no
    problem. But like I said, worth it for sure. Thanks again Gregg-I hope
    I can return the hospitality some time soon. And I must say that it has
    put BoP at the top of my list of must-have pin's-that game is a kick!
    And given me a great appreciation for Big Guns, both HS and HS2, Taxi,
    GL, all those and more that I hadn't played or played enough.
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    Thanks for the kind words. I'll have to keep practicing. The morning
    after you left, first game I played was Taxi and I put up 9.6M. Let me
    know when you get your stuff presentable and I'll be sure to return the
    favor of your jinx! Hope to see you at Jim B's in a few months.
    -Gregg B
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