I5 + Geforce 310 vs. Turion + Radeon 5470

Two possible laptops near $700 I'm looking at: Dell Vostro 3500 with i5 430M/GeForce 310M and Acer Aspire AS5551G-4280 with Turion II P520/Radeon 5470. All other specs comparable. The Dell is on-sale for two days at $699 and Acer is $649 at Newegg. Can someone make a general comparison of gaming and general use performance. This will be the primary computer for up to 4 years (how long I've used my old one). Leaning toward the Acer because the Radeon is DX11 compatible, but am wondering if the i5 is much better than the Turion. Thanks!
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  1. Both GT 310M and 5470M are low-end cards for gaming and will perform pretty much the same.
    I would go with i5/GT 310M because it has a noticeably faster CPU.
    I would strongly recommend you to go with a 5650M which is a mid-range card if you want to play games on reasonable settings,and the cheapest notebook with 5650M is this Acer one
  2. Hi nighthawkmd,
    The i5 430M is significantly faster then the Turion II P520 while the HD5470 is a better graphic card then the GeForce 310M. The HD5470 will do better in gaming.

    However I would say that both of the above graphic card mentioned is quite weak and is not capable of running modern games in high quality, but is fully capable of running games if you do not mind running it in low or medium setting.

    I would suggest you to get the Dell laptop over here as it has a much better processor then the Acer laptop and I personally think its more worth to go for the much better processor then the slightly better graphics card.
    Holl0w :)
  3. Can you provide links that show 5470M will do better than GT 310M in games ?
  4. How about we add another laptop to the mix: HP with Turion II p620 and Radeon 4650 with 1gb, larger hd (500gb from 320) and more system RAM (6gb from 4gb), a bit heavier than the other two. For $610 with tax and shipping.

    Games are not *that* important (I'm looking forward to finally getting to Portal and Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, eg), but I would like to be able to play a game now again with reasonable settings and resolution, occasionally, for the next several years (if possible). Playing 1080p video smoothly (in flash also?) is a priority, but it seems like most every new decent video controller does this nowadays.
  5. CPU wise its slower than i5,but VGA wise its faster.
    Did you look at the Acer one i posted? that's a good option too
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