5.1 surround sound speaker issues

I have a LG 5.1 home theater system hooked up and when I play CDs or mp3 through the receiver, only the right and left speakers work and the sub. I tested the center and two rear speakers on a separate radio unit I have and they all worked. Why won't they work when hooked up to the receiver?
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  1. What needs to be considered is that Music is produced in stereo. 2.0 Channels :) Your remote will likely have a button to change the digital processing of these channels to provide a matrix effect. Basically it will take sound from the two channels and split it to the rest, and crossover the lower frequencies to the sub. There's likely a button on your remote named "surround sound" or "virtual surround" or something of the like. It should change through modes like Dolby Pro Logic, etc etc... change until you find one that suits your ears, and plays on all speakers :) Music is meant to be played from a 2.0 system, but eh, whatever :P
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