Can anyone help me figure out whats wrong with my PC..?

There was a power failure recently and my pc went down. When turned on later and when i started gaming, i noticed some serious graphic error. I thought it was primarily because of the high temperature. So i took out my graphics card (GTX 560) and CPU (i7-960) fan to dust them as they were heating up really fast. Then later re-installed the graphic drivers to its previous version (just to be on the safer side). Now when i load my OS (Win 7 64 bit), it seems to be very very slow. DEAD slow really. I cant even move my mouse properly. The funny thing is that when i take my Task Manager, everything turns back to normal :o . This is where i really want help. why does that happen...?

All i can assume right now is that i am having some hardware trouble (most probably hardisk related) as virus scan, checkdisk tool, tune up defragment tool, starting up in safe mode, registry cleaner and every maintenance tool i have used until now has came out with positive results. I did not do a memory test though ( i have 4 gb ram)

I can play even hardcore games with my task manager ON in background. But that is definitely not a solution. I am planning to see if changing hardisk helps later this week. But i would really appreciate any help i can get even before that. Will re installing windows solve my problem.? now i feel really bad for not setting a recovery point or backing up my system files.

thanx in advance.. :)
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  1. hmm, wish I could, have a look at the event log, and see if it is flagging any issues.
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