Which headphones for me?

I've never really bought headphones before (I usually just used whatever came with my phone/Ipod + some cheap headset my father didn't use) but now I have some money and would like to buy a a decent pair of headphones.
I need them for when I use my computer, to listen to music and to talk while gaming and I need to be able to use them when I travel by train or bus and use my phone/Ipod and generally be able to take them anyway - also the library and in school so people around me shouldn't be bothered by them.
I just bought a pair of SteelSeries Siberia V2 but they put so much pressure on my head that they gave me headaches after only 15 minutes of use. I'm returning them tomorrow and then I'm ready to buy another pair if I can find one.
I've been looking around and I think I've found some good ones though I have no idea what to look for. I hope that you guys could tell me which of these is the best buy. I've mostly been looking at headphones and microphone seperately so I won't have to deal with a microphone when I travel with the headphones. So far my microphone of choice is:

These are the headphones I'm currently looking at. I've looked for at decent design(meaning that I don't absolutely hate the design), what appears to me as to be good sound and that no/few reviews have said that they put a lot of pressure on your head/ears. I prefer full-size but I am fine with on-ear if they don't put too much pressure and if you can still hear the music without turning the volume up too much when you travel.
Which of these would be the best choice or is there another that is much better while at the same price?

Thank you in advance.
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    Stay away from any of the "gaming" audio brands like Razer, Turtlebeach, and SteelSeries. Stick with real audio companies like Audio Technica and Sennheiser.

    Start with this article on OCN to get started. It has top recommendations for a lot of price points and different types of usage. You really need a pair of headphones that are closed and don't have a suspension system used on the AD700/A700.

    As per the OCN article, if I were you, I would strongly suggest the Creative Aurvana Live! headphones.
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  3. audiotechnica ath-m50s

    35ohm resistance if i remember which means you can drive them with your laptop, mp3 player, phone or an amped source.

    studio headphones which means they are balanced and not bass heavy like beats or sony xbr.

    i agree... audiotechnica and sennheiser are good brands although grado and some others are worth looking at depending on budget.
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