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Hello, how do I hook up both an hd monitor and an hd tv to one computer. Do I hook up the monitor to the computer and the tv to the monitor.
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  1. depends on what outputs your video card has.

    lets say for instance that your video card has two dvi outputs (which is a common scenario). you'd connect one to your monitor and use a dvi-to-hdmi cable to connect to your hdtv. you'd then be able to run them both at the exact same time.
  2. The irony of some of the computer designs that HP has created is the connectivity and the lower power supply. Ironically, I have one hdmi port, vga port and vga via dongle. The truth of the matter is it's new computer I've not received yet; it's stuck some where 'cause of the mail strike. I see here on the specs that the Canadian and US version are contradictory in a couple of areas so I'm not even sure whether it has dvi hook up. I was thinking my problem was solved if I get a hdmi switch but now I'm told I won't be able to use a monitor and tv together and the exact same picture can only be displayed on both. I'm at a loss. Until my computer comes who knows. Yeah....I'm frustrated. Even phoned HP quite a few times and I knew what they were talking about and the rest were clueless. Not only their designs that are weird. Thanks for you help and if you can explain any more about an hdmi switch I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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