Question s about overclocking a dell Inspiron...

Is it possible to over clock my Dell Inspiron 1150, i underestand that the mother board might only be limited to a 2.8 Ghz
CPU, is there a way to over come this limitation? If so how would I go about doing so????

thanks in advance...Pete
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  1. I don't recommend OC'ing a laptop. The trouble is that laptops in general are not designed to take on the additional heat put out by the OC'ed processor, i.e. the heat sink, etc... simply cannot take it. Plus, you risk frying the rest of the components. Furthermore, the BIOS will not allow you to do so, especially on a Dell.
  2. You probably could overclock it, but as buwish said, OC'ing a laptop, especially one like that, is a recipe for disaster. I think you could change the BIOS to do it, but you'd probably need a really nice cooler and a self-made heatsink system (copper blocks and stuff). Even then, what would you really get out of it?
    About getting past the mobo limited to 2.8, I don't know how to get by that. But really, that limit is probably there so people don't fry the mobo by OC'ing it too much.
  3. thanks for the reply, so your saying that the limits are there for people like me ... lol. i am just tyring to get alittle more out of my sys. I do like this Dell its been very good to me.
  4. I have since installed a system information tool and it telling me that my max CPU speed is 3876MHz. is this telling me I could go up to a 3.8?
  5. That max speed is probably by turbo boost, not overclocking.
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