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Speaker to PC

Hi everyone.
I need some help connecting speaker to my PC.
The problem is, that the speaker is using 2 pin din connector and I can't connect that to my PC. I need some help converting it to normal PC audio connector.
I got:
2-pin Din connector
2 normal PC audio connectors

As I see, speaker have 2 channels.
1st wire- Connected to bass speaker and little speaker
2nd wire- Connected only to bass speaker

I've tried:
Wrapping wires around connector and plugged in PC- Didn't work
Putting "naked" wires in audio port- Didn't work
Wrapping 1st wire to green connector and 2nd wire to red connector (Around metal thing not wire) and plugging in PC- Didn't work too

I tried different settings in Realtek HD Audio Manager (Starting from Line-in to Side Speaker Out)

Link to pictures:

Sorry for my bad at English, I'm Latvian.
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  1. Ehh... Fixed it!
  2. So, whats the fix?

    It may help the next geek : )
  3. Best answer
    nikorr said:
    So, whats the fix?

    It may help the next geek : )

    I took a closer look to speaker and I saw that 1 wire is cutted. Then I had a 2nd problem- Wire was too short to weld it together with second part. So I took wire from something else and wrapped them together. Then I melted metal a bit, so wire can't suddenly disconnect.
    In other forum I found that speaker will only work with reciever, because PC isn't giving enough power.

    Then I had an idea- I could power my speaker from subwoofer.

    I only needed to change 2 Pin DIM connector to 3.5mm connector. I did it by wrapping 2 wires from speaker around 3.5mm connector(1 wire at middle of 3.5mm and 1 wire at bottom of connector).

    Then I connected speaker to my subwoofer and it worked! Speaker wasn't really good. I think it's because subwoofer isn't giving enough power and while melting wires I burnt a hole in speaker.
  4. Cool : )
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