Wireless Gaming Headset, suggestions please.

I been looking around for a good wireless headset for the pc.

The only problem is i do not want to get a purely USB interfaced one because i want it to go through my sound card (did not pay money to not use it, right?)

Really just trying to find a wireless headset for gaming and music. Around 200 or below (preferably below) and if its doable 5.1 or 7.1 would be amazing.

I been using a turtle beach x12 but the wires just annoy me alot. If anyone has any thoughts on other turtle beaches or even Tritons (i get 25% off them at work, been lookin at the xp500)

The reason i am here is because i can admit i don't know well enough to make a decision myself on a headset, lack of experience i guess.

Any inputs or suggestions would be great.
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  1. Im a fan of turtle beach I've never had a connection problem and I've had friends use the Tritton and it dropped connection occasionally. Unfortunately the only wireless one turtle beach offers right now is the Earforce PX3 which is the one i use...It is worth the $150 in my opinion but others will say its not. I've stuck with turtle beach because only once has a headset broken down and the customer service was exceptional. The only problem with your request and this headset is the fact that it is only usb there is no soundcard hookup.... Thats all the help i can give you and I wish you luck on your seach
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