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I need help trying to make my computer recognise my speakers and headset as two different devices. My headset used to use a USB adapter so I can plug it into the front of my PC because when my PC was built the front audio and mic jacks were not set up correctly so they don't work. But a few days ago my USB adapter stopped working. My headset cord is long enough to reach around the back of my PC but my PC recognises my headset and speakers as the samething so I hear audio in both.

I have 6 audio jacks in the back of my PC. I used to have my speakers (which conprise of a small subwoofer and two speakers) plugged into the light green jack which my PC says is my headphone jack. I then switched it into the black jack which works so I could plug my headset into the light green and pink audio jacks. But I still have the same problem My PC is stil recognising them as both speakers. I'm a gamer so I need them both to be separtate so I can listen to my friends in my headset while listening to the game through my speakers.

When I plugged my headset into the USB jack before it would show me two speakers in Sound, under Control Panel. One would say C-Media USB Audio Device and the other would say Realtek High Def. Audio.
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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_card

    the reason for this is because of how you have the cables connected. the lime green port is for front speakers and should be what you have the speakers hooked up to. yes, a headset will play with this (as it is essentially a stereo set as well) and depending on what you are playing, the black port will export sound as well.

    most likely the reason why your front audio ports never worked is because the internal cable and plugs are not plugged into the motherboard propperly. fix this and you should be able to plug into your front jacks.

    does your speaker with the volume knob have a headphone jack? you could also plug in via this.
  2. My subwoofer only has one jack in the back which the two smaller speakers are plugged into. When I had my PC "rebuilt" (Because the company I bought it from basicly just threw parts inside and shipped it to me) by my local PC guys they said they would have to rewire the machine in order to get them working. :/

    Is there really nothing I can plug my headset and mic in to make it work they way it did before?
  3. you do have a few options... in order of cheapest to most expensive.

    figure out which motherboard you have and where the front panel connections are and what they are for. you can google search for a manual on your motherboard. its been awhile since ive fiddled with them but i believe there should headphone/microphone connections here.

    buy a new usb adapter and see if it works. or, try the usb adapter on a different usb port. i've heard of ports going bad sometimes.

    get a pair of speakers which have a headphone jack. even $40 logitech models have this feature i believe.

    get a usb headset (one with no adapter)

    however.....normally when you plug in "headphones" sound will cease from the pc speakers. speakers get disabled by default when you plug in headphones... so i'm not quite sure what workaround you did. in order to have no issues i would say get your original arrangement working again by either a new adapter or trying a different usb port.
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