Win7 wont install on clean hdd

Ran dban and was going to install win7 from genuine install disc (checked on dif comp they work). changed boot order to dvd and when starts just black screen with flashing cursor top left and thats it. had win7 on it previouly but wanted to wipe before giving it away
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  1. Needs to be formatted after a dban wipe.
  2. had thought could do so with installation disc? if not how please?
  3. Should be able too.
  4. neither intall disc does anything - just get blank screen - dvd drive works and intall discs work (checked on dif comp)
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    had u tried using usb flashdisk to install the OS...
  6. its simple whats wrong.

    check motherboard manual

    then tap the butten to choice what to boot when you turn pc on. e.g. on my pc its esc key

    then hit the dvd drive and it will boot from it.

    have you checked that dvd drive hasnt died?

    (there might be a setting in your bios that say's something like "try other boot devices"
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  8. rdc85 said:
    had u tried using usb flashdisk to install the OS...

    hadnt thought of this - worked though so thank you - still dont understand why disc wouldnt install - discs works on dif comp and dvd drive works checked after got os intalled - anyways thanks
  9. one possibility is because the optic become weak so it rather picky with the disk.... (some can some cannot)

    glad it solved....
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