Split audio from 2 programs (itunes and game) to 2 different monitors

so i have no idea what im doing right now but ive got a wild hair up my ass and ive decided to connect my tv thru and hdmi cable into my computer running windows vista 64x and im trying to figure out how to have 2 programs playing audio at once. what i want to have done in the end is playing my itunes on my desktop with its own speakers and play a game on my tv screen with sound coming from the built in speakers
i have one audio card as well so im not sure how to do this...if you could point me in the right direction or let me know of a program that can help i would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Neither of those programs will allow you to split audio to different sources, they will just play though what the default is. But the sound will mix just fine from both sources as long as you don't have them at the same volume level so you can't hear either of them properly.
  2. i figured it out.
    its a quick fix but it work i tricked the system.
    first i set my default audio output to my desktop speakers and started playing my music then i switched the default to my tv speakers and started playing the game.
    since the audio for the music was already going it didnt change the output and allowed the game to come through the tv perfectly
    thanks for your help
  3. Hi,

    Check www.chevolume.com

    It's easy and do what you ask ...

    Here is a screenshot from the website :

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