How can i fix my harddrive from failing

When i put my laptop on it say's my hard drive is going to fail.It tell's me to press f1 never use o do that.
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  1. Get your data onto a memory stick or CD/DVD and take the laptop back to the retailer -- unless it's still under warranty in which case call the maker.

    If out of warranty, your normal consumer rights apply (in most jurisdictions) within around 5 years -- this is supposed to be a consumer durable, after all.
  2. What do you mean "consumer rights" after warranty expired? No law I know off will pay for a hard drive replacement after the warranty expired.

    If the warranty on the system is over, she'd have to buy a new hard drive and install the OS on it herself. Although from the posting it seems she'll have to hire someone to do that. Either way, make sure your data is backed up as you have a good chance of the drive totally failing and you losing all of your data.
  3. Who made you an expert on consumer rights ?

    And before you ask, nor am I but I can assure you that a warranty is issued in addition to your normal consumer rights. It does not replace them.

    If you are in any doubt ask your local Better Business Bureau, or local Consumer Rights staff.

    In UK contact Government's Consumer Direct website.
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