My computer makes my mic sound terrible

I got a mic a while back for recording and originally had the same odd problems with it than the one I was replacing. I then tried it out on my netbook and it sounded crystal clear and perfectly loud unlike how it sounded on my desktop, constant static noise and barely noticable. I recently was having some problems with a cpu that is fixed now but to fix it I had to use the reset switch on my computer to fix the problem. I then come back with all my programs and data still in tact but my mic is now back to the way it was before it fixed itself. It still sounds perfectly fine on my netbook and like crap on my desktop. Does anyone have input for me?
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  1. Try to unplug other stuff from the PC to see if its still there.
  2. Usually it is the driver conflict.

    Or interference with another electric component.
  3. there is nothing to unplug that isnt essential and that should not be the case because as i said before it worked flawlesslya little while ago and nothing has really changed. I have suspected the drivers though but have no idea where too find them and ive looked all over the place
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