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If there is a better spot for this post please tell me, as I need opinions.

This will be the first computer I have built or been a part of building. I have been inside computers numerous times but never to build, just to do simple upgrades. I have been reading this site along with others extensively and have been playing around at newegg to try and come up with components that would give me a good machine. It will not be top of the line, I cannot afford top of the line, but I believe the choices I have made will be very upgradeable in the future.

I am asking for your help in telling me what your opinions of this system are? What am I forgetting about? What could I do better? Are the components that I have selected of a high quality and good value? I thank you in advance for you help. It is greatly appreciated.

Case: Antec Plus 1080AMG with 430w true power supply (Can you over do it with power supply?)

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-81HXP2, E850/ICH4 chipset, Socket 478

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz 533 MHz Northwood retail

Ram: 2 Samsung RAMBUS 1066 MHz PC1066 256 meg

Hard Drive: WD “Special Edition” 80 gig 7200 rpm 8 meg cache, #WD800JB

CD-RW: Lite On 48x24x48 Model LTR-48246s

DVD: Lite On 16x DVD Model LTR-166

Floppy Drive: Alps 3.5”

Graphics: Albatron Geforce 4 Ti 4200

Sound: Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live Dolby Digital 5.1

Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech Cordless Elite Duo

OS: Microsoft XP Pro

Monitor: I plan on using my 17” monitor I currently own until I can afford to upgrade it as well.
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  1. Looks good. Though, i would go for a better sound card, like the Audigy 2, but if all you need it for is work, then your setup sounds okay. And if your a gamer, then a ATI 9700 Pro would be a must.

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  2. I think his setup looks good as long as he has speakers with his monitor. I am weird in that I think sound is sound unless you have really good ears and really good speakers. As long as my computer makes noise that sounds like music or explosions I'm happy. An Audigy2 is really overkill unless you need it for professional use or to run your 6.1 sound system. If you want a better sound card get an Audigy, it has most of the features of an Audigy2 but not all the ones you would never use. Also a Radeon 9700PRO isn't going to be a must until something actually requires it. I mean speed is cool and all but who cares if in bechmarks it claims to get 250 fps in Doom3 or whatever it can do. Your monitor only displays 85 and your eye can only recognize 60 so what's the difference? Now image quality, that is something different. And I'm sure the Radeon 9700PRO will be very nice to have when DX 9.0 actually comes out and there are games for it. But probably for another year all you get from a Radeon 9700PRO is the fuzzy feeling of knowing that your video card could do amazing things if there were programs out there to put it to the test.

    Overall I say his computer looks good.

  3. I do have speakers with my monitor. I also added a modem. How I could have forgotten about that I do not know. It will be a U.S. Robotics internal faxmodem, hardware based.

    While I know both the sound card and graphics card are not top of the line I would rather save the money and be a step or two behind the front runners. Just can not justify the additional expense at this time.

    Please if anyone else has opinions share them with me. I am a rookie at this and need the help. If I do not get any more response I will be ordering the commponents soon and gaining my lumps the old fashioned way so wish me luck.
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