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Hey guys, I was hoping I could get some opinions about this job opportunity, from some more experienced people.

Now, I recently graduated college and majored in IT, and during those 4 years I had a few classes that dealt with servers, specifically Windows Server 2008, and Linux/Unix Servers. And those classes were just so much fun, I decided that I wanted to make a career out of working with servers. I even built a few Linux servers at my house just for fun lol.

But of course you need experience to get into these fields. And I kind of have a feeling that no one will hire a college graduate into the systems administrator role right out of college without some experience already.

Now the question I have is that there is this job opportunity I can take, but it's not exactly the things I want to do (more or less). I interned at this place last summer and it was kind of fun, so I know all of the people that work there, which is a plus, and I know how things work for the most part, but of course there is a lot of learning. But, the job is basically the infamous, "help desk."

I don't know much besides I'll be doing help desk type things, but not working with the servers like I had wanted to in the first place. I would like people to be honest, but would it be stupid if I didn't take this job because it's not exactly what I wanted to do and keep searching for a junior systems admin spot somewhere else.

Or would it be more beneficial to get this job and get some type of experience, then after a few years hope for the best? Everyone I talk to has different opinions, and of course none of them are IT guys.

But anyway, thanks to whoever reads this and posts. I do appreciate it.

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